Sharpening Prices



For Hair Stylists:


Convex shear sharpening   $35

Semi-convex/beveled shear sharpening  $15

Serrated shears +$1 to sharpening

Texturizer/blender sharpening  $12

Clipper Blade sharpening $8 (plus parts if needed)

Straight razor sharpening  $10.00


For Pet Stylists:


Convex shear sharpening  $15

Semi-convex/beveled shear sharpening  $10

Serrated shears +$1 to sharpening cost

Thinner/chunker sharpening $12

Clipper blade sharpening $8 (plus parts if needed)

Ceramic cutter replaced with sharpening $15

5-in-1 blade sharpening $13

Large animal blades $10 (plus parts if needed)

Clipper Maintenance and Repair $18 (plus parts)

Blade drive change $6 (plus parts)

Dryer maintenance $30 (plus parts)

Dryer repair $50 (plus parts)

Nail cutters $4


For Sewing and Upholstery Work:


Shears $8

Pinkers $8


For the Kitchen/Chefs/Cooks:


Kitchen shears  $8

Pocket knives $7

Knives 2"-4"  $6

Knives 5"-7"  $8.50

Knives 8"-10"  $9.50

Knives 11"-13" $12

Knife reprofiling, any length: $20

Cleavers $10


Landscape/Yard/Wood Work:


Lawn mower blades $10

Push reel mower blades $40

Hatchets and axes  $12

**Prices subject to change without notice**



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If you have something that needs sharpening and it's not on our list, contact us and we'll see if we can sharpen it for you.